Lily (Wendy) is making progress! She has had a couple “doggy-play-dates” with my friend’s dogs, and she loves playing with them – which is good as we will be dog sitting those dogs over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I take her in the car whenever I can, and she is getting used to driving and being in new situations. She is still getting along with the chickens – she is curious about them, and I think would like to play with them, but she hasn’t been aggressive at all towards them.  She stays within sight and comes to us when called when she is off-leash.  She is still timid around my husband, but that is coming along.  She still prefers to go to her crate when she hears him, but she isn’t as petrified as she once was.  And she absolutely loves playing in leaf piles!  The kids made a huge leave pit that they were jumping into, and she had a grand time burrowing through the leaves, and even jumping off the mini-trampoline they’d set up to jump in the leaves too.  She will even jump in the leaves when she is alone and have fun running around in them.  (The kids think this is a good indication that she will be a great snow-dog!) Lily is a sweet dog and we are enjoying her very much.