Winston (aka Axel)

We are so pleased with our little Winston aka Axel…he is such a funny little guy filled with character! We really couldn’t see our family without him…
We adopted another rescue dog about 2 years ago and had been searching for a brother for Lelah, our beagle mix for quite some time. After many months, we came across Winston aka Axel, who seemed like the right match. Match is right! Needless to say Lelah and Winston are two peas in a pod. They love one another so much…
We really appreciate your responsiveness, professionalism, and honesty throughout the adoption process. We were kept informed thoroughout the transport and your passion really shows!
Thank goodness for people like you!! We would recommend your organization to many. 
Winston aka Axel says thanks and so do the Ferreira’s!!
P.S. I have attached a couple of pictures of Winston and Lelah.
Thanks again!