rudy (meigs)

Hi from Rudy (formaly Meigs)
I have settled in here at my new home.  My forever family took me shopping the day they picked me up at Joanne’s house and bought be all sorts of cool stuff!  My favorite is my crate bed (cozy wool and fluffy blue material).  My family’s little girls love to run so I can chase them then they run up their ladder to their tree house and I wait at the end of the slide.  This is the best game!  My Mom likes to throw tennis balls for me and take me for long walks in a huge field with lots of birds to chase.

My favorite game is playing with my big older brother Cosmo, he’s rottie mix like me and he barks alot at me but then he lies down next me and will give me licks all over my head Yuk!  Mom tries so hard to get pictures of this but I always move when she moves.  I like to follow my mom alot.  My dad takes the morning shift before work, we go out before the sun is up and walk and practice all my training school homework.  My mom and dad say I’m stubborn but very smart.  I know sit already!  As soon as mom can get the pictures developed and the biggest boy in the house ( he’s a teenager and plays a little with me, but he’s always worried I’m going to chew his CD’s whatever they are) can show her how to email them she will send some pictures!  I’ll keep in touch and let you know how big and pretty I’m getting!  Bye for now.


P.S.  Rudy is doing great! We love her so much, she is a great chewer and is very active but she is so sweet and the two dogs are getting along wonderfully and we are very happy!  Thank you all for your hard work to save these dogs.  Chris Edgerly.