Max aka Jack

Thought I’d send you an update on Max. We call him Jack and he remains an absolute dream come true! He is about 45 pounds now, and is still as gentle as can be. He loves running outside in our yard and is most happy when he is sprawled on one of our laps, while being able to love the rest of us too.

He barks only on occasion, when he night be spooked. Otherwise, he is a big slinkly dog and oh so friendly with other animals and people, he especially loves babies and kids.

We count our blessings every day with Jack.
Thanks so much!!

Max AKA Jack

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  • Joy Hanes

    Update on Little (Mariah):
    Little is the most affectionate dog I have ever had! She is also feisty, and full of humor. She always has me laughing, and she has added years to Joey’s (our almost 14 year old dog) life. Joey now plays with her every day, and she is even running a little bit on our daily walks in the cemetary (really—everyone walks their dog in the local cemetary—it’s beautiful and historic). I was glad to see that her sister Misty is coming up to Cranston, RI, and wonder if they could ever meet for a reunion, as we are only a little over an hour away. Whoever gets Misty will be a lucky person if she is anything like her sister!