I LOVE this dog! She is the sweetest little dog I\’ve ever had. It was absolutely love at first sight. She\’s been home for two weeks, and is absolutely adapting perfectly. She had a few \”bathroom\” issues, but we\’re working them out, and she had her first accident-free day yesterday. Our 14 year old dog looks like her older sister—they have the same coloring, the same markings, only there is a 20 pound difference. Because of this, we have decided to re-name her \”Little.\” She is doing OK with the cat. He initially thought she was a big rabbit or something, and wanted to make her go away, but now he loves watching her every move, and chasing the ball right along with her. He also enjoys her puppy food. She\’s learning to walk on the leash, and is getting ready to start obedience school in a month or so. She\’s just a dream, and I\’m so happy with her. She completes our pet family perfectly! I\’d love to include a picture or two, but don\’t know exactly how to do that, so if someone tells me, I will send them along.