Lizzie (now Stella)

We love her! My husband Max keeps saying that I picked the perfect dog. I think so too. 
She was so scared when we picked her up. I sat in the back seat with her and she shook and shivered for the entire 2 hour trip home, poor thing. After we got home, she started to warm up. Actually it happened pretty quickly. Our son was so excited to meet her, and the first real tail wagging I saw from her was in response to his excited (and loud) shrieking when he met her. She actually went right up to him, wagging away. I think she knows he’s a “puppy.” We had a crate ready for her in the kitchen, but she’s totally uninterested. It was Max’s idea to set up a futon on the floor downstairs, so one of us can sleep with her for a few days, and the other of us upstairs with the cat. I slept with her last night, and she was thrilled, snuggling in and practically purring. She’s been great with our cat too. Very respectful, but just friendly and interested enough that I’d be willing to bet they’ll be buddies before too long. They actually slept on the couch together for a while today. At opposite corners, but still, I was pretty surprised to see that already. You were right about her being a little shy with men, and she was at first with Max. But he’s very gentle and low-key, and also not a big guy, and by now she seems totally comfortable with him too. 
After a lot of debating, we’ve decided to change her name to Stella. We like the southern  reference, since she came so far to be with us. And a pretty girl like her deserves to be named for a southern belle. 🙂 She got so many compliments when we took her for a walk in town today. Everyone was admiring her. 
I truly can’t thank you enough for rescuing her, and starting the whole process that led to our finding her. I am so glad to be able to offer her a good life as a much loved part of our family.