Please thank Carol for being a terrific foster Mom!   He is very calm, social, sweet –  terrific with everyone.
He is fantastic!  He is a very calm sweet boy who loves everyone in a very laid back manner.  The older dog gets along with him fine– she was upset the second day that he got treats for peeing and pooping outside so I give her the same treat.  He sits well, sits calmly in front of old folks, kids — very friendly not a hyper dog at all.  I will try to take photos this week of him with his side kick Jessie dog (the cattle dog– who doesn’t herd him at all just my daughter!) and Eva.  She is getting used to him tugging on her clothes and taking her stuff.  We redirect him to a chewy key set he likes.  He is so laid back that I have to work with him to take a walk– the first and second day he walked well, now he just sits or lays down!   He has dog school starting Oct 17th and his dog evaluation with the trainer (certified) on Oct 1st.  We adore him — he is a perfect kid dog.  I took him to our babysitters house to play with her Puggle puppy who is 15 weeks and they had a ball.  He was very gentle and had fun.  He likes everyone and I am training him to be kind with his mouth and teeth by putting my hand in his mouth etc.  The biggest thing is motivating him to walk when he is more interested in hanging out and rolling in the grass or chasing a leaf.  He had his vet check on Saturday and he is perfectly healthy.  He is sleeping right now in his very large crate listening to music.  Today he is sleeping in the other room, yesterday I had him sleep where he could see me.  He sleeps through the night–if he wakes up I talk to him and he makes this sighing grumble and goes back to sleep–usually he hears my daughter get up and she calls me.  He is so sweet that a boy in the neighborhood crashed off his skateboard the other day when Eva was bike riding and I was walking him that he ran over to the boy and put his paws around his face and gently licked him– I wish I had had a camera.  The neighborhood children adore him and they all have their own dogs to play with and they run over to see him!   The first thing everyone says is he is sooo calm.  Our next door neighbors have a beautiful golden and the kids come over here to see Grundy because he plays so gently with them.  He is learning to go outside–yesterday he went to the door when he needed to go out.  Sometimes he detours into the dining room (rug).  A typical pup.  He will put everything in his mouth so we make sure we watch him and remove the bark mulch, grass or whatever. 
We can’t thank you enough– I tell everyone about Petmatchmaker and have him use the leash! 
Thank you so much!!!! 
Mary Ann, Michael, Eva and Jessie Fischer