Christy (now Sophie)

Hi Guys,

Here’s a couple of pictures of Sophie!  She is already part of the household, that’s for sure!!  She knows the layout of the whole house, knows where her food is, where the toys are, where bed is!  She loves to sit out in the sun with us and romp around in the grass, and when it’s time to go in the house, she’s already learned how to bound up the three back steps into the house!  It’s hysterical!!!

Thank you again for her.  She has already brought such joy into our lives, and she’s only been here since Saturday!!!  We are in love with her.  What a wonderful little dog she is.  Thank you again, so so much!!!!

Update 9/30/07: Hi Guys!!!  I attached a picture of Sophie (previously “Christy”) for you!!  She has completely taken over our household and our lives!  Whoever thought she was a submissive little thing would be very surprised to see her now!  We are in love with her.  She is adorable, and she puts our Yorkie mix Jack in his place!  She has a blast chasing the cat around the house too!  She’s got an appetite like a horse, and loves to run around the yard and go for walks.
I’ll update you from time to time, but I just want to say thank you for bringing this little dog into our lives.  She has definitely found her “forever home.”
Karen & Peter