Just thought that I would drop you a quick note on Angus. He is doing great, happy chasing squirrels and birds in the yard and he is a great soccer player.Christopher has trouble getting the ball from him. He probably would make a great goalie. His appetite has pick up and he now look great. I have

Angus going to beginner obedience on Sunday mornings. He is very smart but hates to do the down command. Rufus on the other hand, did the down and then wouldn’t get up. He wanted to stay there. I can’t tell you why I feel this way, but Angus is a VERY special dog. There is a quite peace about him.

His gentleness and playful manners bring joy to all that are around him. I have brought him to the convalescent home to see my Mother. The other residents just absolutely adore him. They are all so sorry to see him go. Angus greets every one that comes to see him with such happiness. I have been taking pictures of Angus. I will put a little book together for you.

 Have a good weekend.
Mary Ann & Angus McDuff