Scooter–dog initially with some issues

I hope that you can stand one more update on Scooter.  I was sitting on our deck this morning watching her play and I was so aware of how far she has come in such a short time.  She is truly both a beautiful dog and a dog with a beautiful spirit.  We are only on the rarest of occasions seeing any of her growling and snapping.  We have had crews of workmen putting on a deck for us and she barks when they first arrive – in greeting – and then ignores them for the rest of the day.
I was a bit concerned two weeks ago when we drove to Burlington to celebrate our son and grandson’s birthdays.  We had reservations for her to stay with us in the hotel.  We brought her crate and supply of chews and treats and I crossed my fingers hoping for the best.  The elevator caused her to freeze and crouch, but I picked her up and set her down inside for her first ride.  She was perfectly behaved and only barked a couple of times when the room next to ours opened and shut their door.  By the time we left two mornings later she was sitting to wait for the door to open and then hoping in like an old pro.  And when we got up in the morning she headed for the door and just sat there looking back over her shoulder until we got into the car and drove to our son’s where she could play with other dogs in the yard.  They had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon with a dozen or so strangers and she was just one of the group.  Never any behavior to cause concern, even with lots of little kids running around.  We did keep an eye on food because she does like to clean off kitchen counters, but she didn’t even do that.
And then this last week-end I went away to attend a class for four days.  It is the first time that I have left her for that long.  She was at home with Jim, our daughter and our grandson, but they all tell me that she missed me.  Especially in the evening.  When I arrived back home on Sunday she was simply beside herself.  It sounded like she was singing when she saw me get out of the car and she was wagging so hard that her tail was nearly in her ear.  She hasn’t let me get too far away since.
She is indeed a sweetheart.  Her favorite greeting is to have you get down to her level and she walks up very gently, looking you straight in the eye and touches her nose to yours.  Thank you so much for seeing that beauty in her when it was a bit hard for us to see.
Sylvia Newberry