Gretchen AKA Gracie

Hi all,
               Just wanted to give you an update on Gretchen (we’ve renamed her
Gracie).  She is the best dog, we are so in love with her!  She is
relaxing and realizing that this is where she is staying for good,
and showing what a sweetheart she is.  Gracie and Sally are the best
of friends, and they run around the yard at full speed playing,
tuckering each other out.  She wasn’t sure about the cats initially,
but has gotten used to them and pretty much just ignores them,
although the youngest cat and her have touched noses (adorable!).
She sleeps in an old chair in the living room and loves it, doesn’t
want to budge once she’s settled.  She loves to be near us and my
husband and I both agree that she is just beautiful.  We’re so happy
we got her, she really completes the family!  Thank you,  Cindy Dudgeon