Tyler aka Oskar

Tyler is such a love…such a good dog. Here are some recent pics of him.

From day one we thought he had such a great temperament, and has held on to that, he is so smart,gentle and not at all hyper..unless the kids get him going. The first few months were very difficult trying to train Tyler and teach the kids how to handle him as well. He went through his stages of nipping and chewing up anything in sight, we had a trainer come to the house and go through all of our concerns..she was fabulous and very helpful. She gave us the tools to work with and we had to just follow them. They all worked but some we fell through the cracks on because it is so hard to be consistent. For his dander issues we put him on derm caps and that helped. He is so good with other dogs of all sizes…he is a true gem…thank you.

The Locke family