I wanted to update all of you on how well Sugar is doing. She is an absolute sweetheart! The first few days were a bit of an adjustment for us. Jein, I want to thank you for all the potty advice you gave me. By the end of her first week home, she was on a great schedule. She has been with us for over 2 weeks but it seems like she has been our family pet forever. She is truly a joy and such a loving girl. She is so well behaved and very affectionate. The kids adore her. They are so proud of her! They love to show her off to family and friends. Everyone that meets her has such positive things to say about her. So much so that we keep getting offers to take her if things didn’t work out! 

She has been a busy girl in the past 2 weeks. She had a checkup with the vet who said she was in great health! She went to the groomers and got a shampoo, condition and nail trim. She also had a session with a great dog trainer. She has one bad habit that we are trying to work on…she tends to pull on the leash when walking. So we booked 3 sessions with him to work on that issue with us. He also said that she is a wonderful dog. Sugar even got to have a play date with his German Shepard, Tag. They were having a ball playing together in the yard! 

She loves spending time with us in the yard playing or just laying next to me as I weed. She loves being around us! If we are in the living room watching TV, she will lie down on the rug at the sofa. If I go into the kitchen, she follows me there and spreads out on the kitchen floor while I am making dinner. If the kids are at the table doing arts and crafts, she sleeps on the floor right behind their chairs. It’s so cute! We bring her with us everywhere we can. She loves to take rides in the car. She likes the fresh air in her face and looking out the window at everything. This Saturday morning she was with us when we went through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts. The lady at the window loved her and gave us a munchkin to feed her (we didn’t give it to Sugar though because we weren’t sure she could have it)! One of her favorite outings so far has been to my sister in law’s house. She has a fenced in ground pool area with a covered patio. She loved watching the kids play in the pool and just hanging out on the patio! Our 3 nephews loved her. They didn’t want her to leave. She also tried to play with their 8 year old lab but he is a little older and didn’t want to play as much as Sugar. It was cute watching her try though! 

Thank you again for bringing Sugar into our lives. We are so blessed to have her. I will keep everyone posted on how she is doing! 

Take care, Leslie Courtmanche