Lila aka Jada

Jada (now Lila) (sorry – we changed her name!) is doing great – she is
such a good girl – easy and eager to please – she learns very quickly and is
definitely watching Colin for cues…. On the way home from your house on
Wed we stopped at Buckmaster pond in Westwood for some swimming. We let her
carefully examine the water and wade in – after a little while we tossed in
a stick – just far enough to get her belly wet – and she went right in after
it – she walked right in and brought it back. I think she will be a quite a
swimmer someday …….

We spent this past weekend at the beach in Humarock – so many new things to
smell ! but she’s not so sure about those big waves her brother goes
bounding into…..

She is doing Very Well with her crate training – the first night she fussed
for about 5 minutes – but settled right down – she was exhausted
same the second night…….
now if she whines in the crate we know she needs to go out…..
We’re feeding her in the crate and tossing in fun stuff so she knows she can
go in and come right back out again…….I’ve even caught her going in on
her own a couple of times……. I don’t think she will ever love the crate
like Colin did – but she is doing very well with it

She is a very good girl and we are officially in love with her! I got some
good pictures of her and Colin playing – but I can’t find the cord to get
them into the computer – I’ll dig it out and send some photos soon

Thank-you for your part in bringing such a great pup to New England where
she could have a good home.

~Joslyn Carter