Kai aka Princess

Just wanted to give you guys an update on Kai formally known as princess. Kai is settling in just fine. She is curious of the two cats and gets upset when they wont play with her. She has made a new friend or two in the neighborhood and goes on play dates at least once a day. She gets along with everyone she meets including her two new brothers *see 2 year old sharing his milk!* although she nibbles on them if they are not careful. I believe it is all in good fun. 

We are still having a couple accidents, but hopefully they will work themselves out and we will learn her cues to go out. She also has a liking for all toys that are on the floor hers or not. Makes me clean up a lot more which is a good thing. 

So she is doing good and getting more comfortable everyday so much that my husband had to sleep on the couch last night because she was with me in bed in front of the fan! She doesn’t give up the bed easily!!! 

The Jones family