I will definitely keep her on it, as well as Frontline. She is also
on Ivermectin for mange and has gotten her otherwise ok from her new vet (he
said she “is everything he likes to see in a puppy”). She is so amazing. I
love her more than words can say. She has gone on so many adventures with me
— beach, boat rides, car rides, walks, hikes, jogs… She is seriously my
new best friend. She is adjusting so well. I tell everyone she is the
perfect mix of a crazy, rambunctious puppy and a chill dog. I think she is
very happy. She can already “sit,” “lay down,” “shake,” “come,” and “stay.”
We’re working on “off” and “no bite” because she gets very excited when she
meets new people. Her crate training has gone really well too. She sleeps
very willingly in her crate at night, and we have only had a half a dozen or
so accidents. Haven’t had any for a week or so. She is getting much better
at telling us when she needs to go out. I am so grateful to all of you at
petmatchmaker and have told SO many people where I found her. I am so in
love. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. Thank you. I wish
I could adopt 100 more.

Take care and please keep in touch!