He’s doing fantastic!  We love him, and though it is good to hear there will be a place for him if something happens, we really have no intention of giving him up.  My husband has been taking him to the beach almost every morning, and has developed the relationship enough to let him run free most days (he has never owned a large dog before, so his confidence is growing, which is great!).  At first, Toby would run directly to the houses, and we’d have to pull him out of the trash, but now, he “behaves” (of course before he was behaving like a dog, but you know what I mean), and while he won’t go near the ocean water, he LOVES to swim in the river that runs off into the ocean.

At home, I’ve been clicker training him, and he’s responding great.  He’s staying for longer and longer (today, for up to 15 minutes, broken up into many 2-3 minute stay commands, WHILE the fencing guys were here and he desperately wanted to be barking at them at the door, but he stayed and was quiet, woohoo!).  This has helped a great deal with the chasing cat scenarios, and though it will take some time, we actually think the cat and dogs will eventually co-exist more peacefully (Alley is no angel in this department, so all the blame cannot be put on Toby).  Once the fence is up, we’ll be working on training with outdoor distractions, as well as fetching with “manners” and greeting other dogs calmly.

One very endearing habit is that he waits right outside the bathroom door for me to get out of the shower.  He cannot fathom what I would want to be in there for, and gives me very soulful eyes whenever I peek my head out (you know the ones dogs give…head on the front paws, big eyes, eyebrows raised in patient, long suffering inquiry).

My 6 year old loves the dogs, and though he is exactly half Toby’s weight, he attempts to train, plays tug of war, and finds it hilarious to get Toby to fetch, and then switch the thing he is fetching in mid play.

We are taking the dogs on our trip to Prince Edward Island, where we’ve rented a huge pet friendly house, on 11 acres of land and private beach.  Not sure how the car ride will be as we haven’t had both dogs at the same time, but we’ll be taking some mini trips for tests.

Anyways, I can go on and on.  But I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures.

Take care,