Tiger is doing well as long as we keep him tired. 🙂  He has some friends in the area he plays with (a 1 yr Golden and a pair of Border Collies).  However, Tiger will play with just about any dog he can.  He seems to prefer dogs to humans.  Oh, he’ll “settle” for us. Actually, we feel very grateful that he likes dogs and people. One of the pictures is at Ninigret Park playing with an instant friend.  Some older dogs don’t care so much for Tiger’s energy, and they tell him so, but he will still try. 

The other picture is at a pet-friendly hotel in PA. He travels very well. We just put the crate in the back of the van with a few toys, and he is good to go.  He likes the car because it means something fun for him.  We are going to kennel him next month in North Stonington, CT, at a really cool place.  He’ll get time to exercise and play with other dogs.  He’ll get a kennel cough shot beforehand. 

My husband takes Tiger to the Groton dog park, and he loves it. Again, anything with other dogs.  He’s doing fine on the leash and with going potty outside; however, there is the once in a while potty mishap. His is about 33 lbs. when he was weighed a week ago.  Curious to how big he’ll get.  He is getting used to the water and will now play in it (not to keen to swim yet).  We did buy him a doggie life jacket for when we go boating.  Hopefully, he’ll like boating more than I do. 🙂

Theresa Gregal, Westerly, RI