Hi guys,,,
Thanks for the updates on the puppies- they are adorable! There is no mistaking that they are brothers! Each picture I looked at was like looking the same puppy in a different color.
Sunny is doing great. He is a high energy, fun loving puppy. Like Wyatt, puppy kindergarden classes are doing wonders for him. He is rather mischevious and does well with 2 walks a day at an hour each.He tends to be a little nuts if he doesn’t get outside enough so I bought a big umbrella and we go out, rain or shine! Good thing I need the excersize! He loves to run around with my 9 year old daughter Kenzi and they spend a lot of time playing soccer in the backyard. He even goes down the slides a local park! He is a great family dog.We take him everywhere with us and he is very well behaved (most of the time!). Not to say he won’t steal an untended hot dog or try to chase the neighbors cat, but it is all with the best of intentions!
Sunny weighs in at about 34-35 pounds right now. He is good tempered and friendly and will do just about ANYTHING for a treat. He knows to sit and wait at any open door and not run until we say “ok”…he is learning long distance retrieval (come back when called from a long distance), but we still have quite a bit of work to do on that one. Right now, he practices more along lines of selective hearing. Just like Tiger, Sunny LOVES the car…it means he is coming along on a trip to the beach, the park or to one of Kenzi’s sporting events- and that means little kids and lots of attention. We have a 10 month old nephew and Sunny seems to know to be very gentle with him. He will steal a lick on the face every now and again, but he won’t knock him over or play rough with him..and when the baby pulls his tail or his ears, Sunny knows to just take it like a man 🙂
Keep in touch and keep sending pictures! These pictures of Sunny are about a month old- I will send some new ones soon.
-Sheri, John, Kenzi and Sunny