We got Jilly home around 5pm yesterday and just wanted to let you know how
well she’s doing. She was excellent in the crate on the way home and last
night too. She woke me up around 3am to go outside to the bathroom then went
right back in her crate and slept the remainder of the night!  No accidents
in the house yet – she goes to the bathroom as soon as we take her out in
the yard.

She met our cat George as soon as we came home and they hit it off right
away. George seems to like the fact that he and Jilly are about the same
size – it evens out the playing field a bit since he was used to playing
with our 75 lb. Shepherd.

She has a fantastic disposition – loves to be snuggled and pet and gives
back lots of kisses in return. Although she gets excited sometimes she seems
fairly calm for a puppy of that age! She’s does pretty well on the leash. My
son and I took her for a walk first thing this morning as he couldn’t wait
to show her off to the neighbors.  Jilly already seems to know not to jump up to much on the kids and she seems very comfortable here – not nervous at all!

We’ll check in again soon and send some photos. So far so good and we
absolutely adore her!! She was definitely the one for us!!!

Thank You!!!