Andie aka Cinders

We cannot say enough about our baby girl.  She is the most amazing dog.  She is extremely playful, yet gentle with children.  I have never met a bigger \”snugglemuffin\” in my life.  Words could never express our gratitude to you for making our \”love connection\”.  The support we received while transitioning Andie into our already animal filled home(1 dog now 2, 2 cats,2 ferrets, 2 lizards, and a snake) was invaluable.  At first, we thought she wanted to be an only child. Within two days, she was part of the family.  Her demeanor, as well as her face, had changed.  She actually looked like a different dog.  Andie has a totally different look in her eyes now.  She knows she is in her forever home and that her sibblings are a blessing/playmates not competition.  There\’s plenty of love(and her big concern–food) to go around. We can\’t even imagine our home without her.  Keep up the good work!

Joanne Donahue