Savannah & Nelly

It looks as though you have been very busy with all the doggies you’ve placed in homes! It seems like so many!

Savannah & Nelly/Ebony are doing terrific! Nelly has helped Savannah deepen her trust of people (jealousy). Savannah is the sweetest dog ever (as described by her foster)! She still has fears but I can see her progress when I reflect on the past 9 months. She is loyal to us and even has become confident enough to exhibit protective behavior when she suspects I’m nervious. Nelly has been the classic puppy. She is incredibly smart (as predicted by Sharon’s husband) and extremely determined to get away with something she knows she shouldn’t! We had her spayed a few weeks ago (at 6 months) and have been working on training since we got her. We think she’s part meerkat as she stands on her hind legs for long periods of time (have you ever seen a lab or beagle do that?)! Both Savannah and Nelly adore the boys. Savannah anxiously awaits when someone will sit on the couch so she can bury herself in their lap. Savannah & Nelly have many go-rounds playing physically with their bodies. Nelly would like Savannah to play tug-o-war with toys, but Savannah still doesn’t understand toys. The beach is a favorite. Savannah is the most beautiful and fastest runner. It’s refreshing to see her uninhibited.
Having our 2 doggies and cat (all adopted last year) has been the greatest moment in our lives. Experiencing the moments between the pets and our boys has been the most enriching experience and I maintain that every doggie needs a boy! The antics of the pets have had the boys (and us!) howling (no pun intended!) in laughter. Sometimes it’s amazement over what the doggies have gotten into, what they’re doing to each other, what the cat did to them or who’s being the cutest.
I am planning to write a Happy Tail – just need a little more time! I will be updating the people involved in Savannah’s rescue soon also.
Much Appreciation,