Rosco is doing great. However, he (we) had a pretty tough winter. On December 14, Mary was walking Rosco before work (he was on a leash, of course). They were walking on a crosswalk and a van took a left turn too fast (and on the wrong side of the road). While the van narrowly missed hitting Mary, it did hit Rosco’s back end. We took him to the Tufts VETS clinic in Walpole, and then to Tufts Veterinary School in Grafton. The next day he had surgery on his left hip and his right ankle. The first picture (on the mend 1) was taken the day after his surgery (Warning: It’s a heart-breaker!).
On January 3rd, he had a second surgery to address an issue that was discovered on his right hip. Since then we have been keeping Rosco comfortable while he heals. He has seen the surgeon several times since the surgery, and the surgeon feels Rosco is doing very well. He expects that Rosco will regain most (or perhaps all) of his mobility.
At this point Rosco can do most of the things he could do before he was hit. He can walk, he can run, he can lay down, he can get up, he can climb short flights of stairs. We take him for walks, and he’s playing with the neighbor’s dog again (Second picture, taken about two weeks ago, definitely not a heart-breaker!). However, he lost a lot of muscle during his period of inactivity, and we need to help him build that back up again. We are taking him to physical therapy at Sterling Impressions in Walpole…..he is doing very well there (and of course all the women there love him!). The driver’s insurance has paid for everything up to now, and we feel we’ve gotten him the best care possible throughout this process.
So at this point we’ve got a cute little pup with some skinny little back legs. Most of the hair on his back legs has grown back in. He is his normal, happy-go-lucky self. Loves to play with other dogs (but we are keeping that to a minimum until he gets more of his muscle back), loves to meet new people, loves to lay in the sun and chew on sticks.
I’m sorry to have to tell you all of this. I know you are very fond of that little guy (as are we). Rosco has been through a rough couple of months, but right now he is doing well and getting better every day. If I left out a detail or if you have any questions, please let me know.