Thanks so much for checking in. Nala is doing great. She has gained about 8 pounds and looks wonderful. Her coat is in super shape. She is affectionate and mostly bonded to us. She gets four walks a day, including long romps in the woods on the weekends. We are taking obedience classes every other week, and learning how to train her in basic commands. she has a good appetite for toys and food. We just started treating her with natural medicine for fleas and ticks-so far so good. she gets baths a couple times a month, and sleeps in her own room.  She has a pretty good track record of coming when called, but has recently become a little naughty and defiant when off-leash, which we are working on. We both love her tremendously, and it has been really nice to see Marc fall in love with her after his years of mostly preferring cats. We have established ourselves with a great vet in the neighborhood and found a great dog-walker who comes once a week when we have our one long day away from the house. Nala plays really well with other dogs, and has been consistently reliable with children. She gets very enthusiastic when visitors come to the house, and it is very gratifying to see her after a few hours away-she wiggles uncontrollably.  Thanks again for helping us connect with nala. she has been a fantastic addition to our lives.

All the best,