Kylie aka Gracie

Hi everyone,
We just wanted to give you a little update on Kylie (formerly Gracie), she is doing GREAT! She knows her name and has stopped rolling over to show her belly as much. She’s been sleeping through the nights and hasnt had any accidents in the house! We all have our first apointment with Dan the trainer tomorrow night so hopefully he will help us with the leash pulling and some basic comands. She’s very eager to please and learn. She’s already got sit and she’s been going in and out of the crate in the kitchen on her own. She has a big round bed in the TV room and if you give her a toy or treat in the kitchen and say “Kylie, bring it to your bed” she waits at the gate to be let out and runs to her bed to chew away. And her crying has stopped when we leave the room. It’s been pretty rainy since we got her so we are looking forward to meeting some other dogs when the weather gets nicer, she is so anxious to meet the dog that lives above us! Well I just wanted to let you all know she is settling in just great and Matt and I couldnt be happier! Thank you all so much!
-Ali, Matt & Kylie