I just wanted to send you an update on JoJo.
She couldn’t be doing better!! She has really become a model citizen. She is always the friendliest and best behaved dog at the dog park. She plays with the dogs (of all sizes) and people (of all sizes, too). She has learned very nice elevator behavior where she sits between my legs and waits for others to get in and out when the elevator is crowded. She is the ultimate afternoon nap buddy, too! :o) We also enjoy many mornings and afternoons playing fetch with the tennis ball, she spends a lot of time with her squeaky toys and chew bones, and she has a growing fondness for playing with sticks outside.

Everyone loves her!
Also because she is such a beautiful pup and so well behaved people always ask where I got her from, and are surprised that she is a rescue dog. Hopefully she is changing the impression some people around us have about getting a dog from rescue opposed to getting one from a breeder!

It’s such a beautiful day we are going to go out for a second walk now!

-kristen werner