Gracie is doing great!! You described her personality exactly the way she is. She is so sweet and gentle. The first few days she followed me around and would cry if I wasn’t in the room. She now is more secure and doesn’t get up every time I walk away. She has not had one accident in the house, but I do put her in the crate at night in the kitchen and when I leave the house. She does not go the bathroom when she is on the leash but she prefers to go out back in our yard when she is by herself. I think it is good that we have Casey for her. She does take her cues from him and she is really sweet with him. Casey seems used to Gracie being here and doesn’t pay her much attention now. The kids love her but she is still getting used to them and is still a little shy. I brought her to our vet the other day and they all loved her and thought she was in great health and just as sweet as she can be. Gracie fits in our family perfectly and I hope George finds a home soon too. I will send pictures soon of Gracie with Casey and the kids.