Floyd aka Donovan

We’ve had Floyd for a little over a month now and he’s doing very, very well. He had a couple of very minor health issues we are taking care of, but other than that he is a very HEALTHY dog. He just loves our 9 month old baby girl. He’s a great caretaker and sits beside her every chance he gets. He loves to give her lots of kisses, as you’ll see from the photos. He loves running around our yard and playing with his pull toy, chew toy and bones. He doesn’t know how to catch with his mouth, I guess no one ever played with him while he was growing up, but he’s learning. He a GREAT dog. Calm and quite at night, playful and energetic during the day. He’s only been with us for a short time but he’s now a huge part of our little family. We love him. Thank you for saving this sweet, sweet dog.

-Michele, Kris and Ellie in Jamaica Plain, MA