Cody aka Booth

I just wanted to update you on Cody (Booth). He is doing great!! He has had a wonderful recovery from the pneumonia. He is back to normal, running around, playing with his toys, etc. He loves his home! He is such a good dog. We are so happy to have him!!
Thanks for all your help!!
Stacey Oliver


  • so happy about Cody (Booth) he came from our foster group down south. He was a sweetheart! thanks for giving him a good home

  • Eddie

    We adopted Cody’s litter mate. Her name is Millie. She is a very sweet dog with a great disposition and she loves everyone and all dogs. She lives in Tenn. I hope her litter mate is as nice as she is. The only difference I can see in them is that Millie has a white stripe down her nose.