Are we nuts?!? How could ANYONE resist this most adorable 3-month old puppy?  Check out the photos...see what I mean?  We are supposedly "fostering" this little pup for 3 or 4 days while our friend  finds adoptive parents for her. However, Bunny, as she is known, is not likely  going any further than our back yard!!!  She was rescued out of Tennessee and brought up to CT for a local adoption event  that our good friend Morgan Sokolow put together. She's just the cutest thing,  part chow and part collie (aka Chowlie) and fits right in. Clipper has taken a  liking to her right away, while Chloe is still trying to figure out if her  security is in jeopardy.  So then there were three. Will the madness ever cease?  Lots of love, Laur, Ethan, Robbie Brian, Clipper, Chloe, Nibbles and Bunny