**Update 6/25/07

It’s been a little over one month since our last update on Buck.  He
continues to impress everyone with his good behavior.  He has acclimated
himself well to our electric fence and enjoys his freedom in the yard,
particularly when chasing the chipmunks (up to the electric fence
boundary several feet into the woods).  On weekends he likes spending
the entire day outside, and on weekdays occasionally travels with
Richard to work.  Resolving his dental issues unfortunately resulted in
losing a few teeth,  but hopefully that was the worst of it, and we’re
optimistic then he’ll have no additional dental problems.

We’ll try and forward pictures in the future.
Thanks again for all your dedication & hard work!!

Richard & Alice Rondeau



I wanted to give you both an update on Buck. As you know, we adopted him Monday evening, May 14th. He is adapting very well and is a very loving dog.

Richard and I would also like to thank you both and acknowledge the hard work you and your teammates do for these dogs. You are making such a significant contribution, your efforts truly do make such a difference to these animals and to us humans too! You cannot be thanked enough for all your hard work.

Buck is scheduled to go to our vet next week to have his dental issues checked. He has a forever home.

Joanne, it was such a pleasure meeting you.

Thank you both!!

Alice & Richard Rondeau