I want to update you and Bounce’s foster Mom on her progress.

It’s been two weeks now and Bounce is definitely a keeper. There have been some minor problems with Bounce growling at my #1 dog Abby. Abby is giving Bounce plenty of room and doesn’t challenge her. It appears that Bounce will be the dominent dog in this pack.

I am able to take the two of them for their daily walk with no problems. It’s not so easy walking two dogs but I manage. Some training will help that.

Bounce likes to be indoors with the people. I have to take her out to play in the yard. Abby loves to spend time in the yard.

I was hoping Bounce would race with Abby in the back yard seeing that she is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix but Abby makes Bounce look like a couch potato.

Bounce is a very sweet dog and likes to cuddle which Abby does not most of the time. I will enjoy both dogs for who they are. I am glad I finally took the step to adopt a second dog. I love them both.

Here are the two of them in the back yard. Bounce has the toy of coarse.

There is something buzzing in the myrtle. Of coarse they must investigate. They would not be this close together a week ago.

Abby will give up the squeaky cow every time. It’s just not safe to get in the way of Bounce as she pounces after a thrown cow.

A happy ending or beginning? for Bounce.

Dianne N.