Ronan aka Hollis

Hollis has been renamed Ronan. It is Gailic for Gentle Seal and he really is a gentle dog! We are so glad that he has come to live with us. I have had dogs since I was a small child and I have never had one that is as smart and as well behaved as he is. Ronan is curious about everything and is not afraid of much. He walks with me as I vacuum the house and has no fear of the sound! We take him everywhere with us so that he remains people friendly. He goes to work in the mornings with my husband and has made alot of new friends! Ronan loves to run and we have 21/2 acres in our backyard. We are starting to teach him to run through an obstacle course. He loves learning new things. I hope that his brothers are doing well in their new homes. I have been advocating your organization to people interested in getting a dog. I think that what you are doing is fantastic! Thanks for checking in on him.