Missy had her first checkup with my doctor about a month ago – she is now 58 lbs and a happy, happy dog. I love her – she is adorable and I know what you mean when you say rescue dogs are different – she thinks I’m the greatest thing in the world. She goes to play group everyday and has a ball. She still likes to pick on the cat, but they survived the winter together!!!! She is a lot less skittish when I got her – even though she still has some of it in her. I tried letting her off the leash a couple times, but I’m not home every day to get into a routine with her yet – she still runs away even though she comes to me afterwards – even without a treat. So she gets her freedom with the play group and at home, but we walk together daily with a leash. When I get the money, I may invest in an invisible fence. Her titties are still hanging, but some of the weight covered some of it, but I think she’ll always have that. The amazing thing – once I got rid of all my rugs last year – no more inside peeing. (I just got a rug for the living room – we’ll see if it survives – test time) – but I can leave anything in the house – she doesn’t touch a thing – it’s just amazing (of course, if its food that’s a different matter). She is very attached to me, but becomes adaptable to others. Men with hats/caps seem to turn her off. But she actually jumps up next to whomever now when they sit on the couch so that is huge. So I would say she’s doing wonderful and she is a beautiful dog. I just love her and when she looks at me dead-on with those brown eyes – I just melt – she’s got character and she’s a hoot!!!!
I guess that’s it for now, thanks for checking in – I was thinking of you at the doctor’s because a girl that works there was actually picking up a rescue dog – and I think from you – somewhere in Mass. from petmatcher and she was so excited.
Tata for now, Donna