Jewel aka April

Jewel (formerly April) has lived with us for nearly two weeks and is a welcome member of our family. Her tail is always wagging. She settled in very well, is comfortable with our household routine. She really enjoys her playmate Ruth–they are nearly the same size and have the same energy level. Our senior dog, Lola, is very patient with the lively young ones! During the first few days we had to deal with some hierarchy and jealousy issues (Ruth was possessive of her toys and chews). But that’s behind us now.

Our bouncy, loving girl is very bright and alert and wants to please, so we predict she will make good progress whenever we begin obedience training. She does jump up–because she likes giving hugs–and we’re working on that. Jewel is affectionate and very loyal. She plays hard but she can be a very restful dog also, and is perfectly happy snuggling on the sofa or sprawling across my lap and sleeping. There was a lot of deep snow on the ground when she first arrived. She like it a lot, chasing Ruth around and being chased.

We’re so grateful to Pet Matchmaker and its volunteers. Jewel is truly a precious gem!

In the sofa photograph, Jewel is the dog on the left.