Floyd aka Donovan

Update: 4/6/07
We adopted Floyd a little over a week ago. He’s coming out of his shell now and he’s a great boy. He’s wonderful with our 8 month old baby girl and we’re looking forward to them being fast friends. He loves his new dog bed, toys and new healthy diet. His first bath showed everyone what a beautiful fluffy coat he really has. Thank you for brinigng Floyd to his family. We love him!
~The Blake-Rosenberg’s
Here are some pictures of Donovan, now Floyd. He’s doing very well. We brought him to the vet this weekend and they said he’s in good health, which is great. I worked with him on ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’ and the basics. He did well in the house, but needs more work outside. We brought him to a dog park and he didn’t do very well. There were only 3 other dogs there and he got scared when they tried to play with him. He showed his teeth a few times so we knew it was time to go home. He seems to do well with dogs on a one on one basis, but I think there were too many dogs for him. No one got hurt and we realuzed we’ll have ease him into a socialized situation a bit more slowly.
He’s a great dog. We love him a lot! Thank you!:)