Dixie aka Selina

Update 4/1
Dixie is doing very well – she seems to love her new home! We’ve taken her out in the car three times now and she seems to really like it. She’s very good in the car, and usually cuddles up to my Mother while I’m driving. She’s eating and drinking just fine – no problem with her appetite! And she loves being able to run around the yard with my other two dogs. She’s taken to chasing squirrels up the trees when she spots one, something her and the Westie Laci have in common. She’s also fond of watching the birds at the bird feeders, as is my Westie. The two of them just sit there and eyeball the birds coming and going from the feeders that are located outside of the fence.


Dixie loves sleeping on the bed and is there with me every night.
~Cheers, Karen Gorman

Dixie/Selina is doing very well and adjusting to her forever home. Her and Ty-Guy (Yorkie) are playing very well together too now, and Laci and Dixie sleep together on my bed (I’ll get some pictures of them on the bed together with all the toys that Dixie has taken possession of!). All three of them like to sleep together under my PC. They are getting along just fine and Ty-Guy has a new girlfriend to play with – a real live playmate!

Dixie is getting chummy with my Mother – I’m still number one, but she will sit with my Mother now as long as she is getting petted. If we are both sitting in the den watching TV, she will likely jump up on my chair, but if I’m out of the house, she jumps up and sits with my Mother. Sometimes I will put Dixie on my Mother’s chair and she will stay there for a while (15-30 minutes), then she will jump down and come to me. So she is gradually warming up to my Mother. She is kissing both of us now but only on the hands. She’s gradually realizing she can trust us. Arthur was at our house yesterday for an hour or so and she was very good with him and friendly towards him – he’s good with dogs!
~Cheers, Karen