Betsy is doing great! She is one of the family, for sure. She has two canine sisters, one of which spends half the day wrestling with her, the other half hunting squirrels and sparrowsin the back yard. She is learning to return her tennis balls to us after a fetch, and she sits quite nicely for a treat. She is excellent with our kids, affectionate to us, agood watchdog, and smart and easy to train…who could ask for more??? We love her! Hope her siblings have fared as well.

Sincerely, Marge Vorhaben

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  • Elizabeth Dunn

    Betsy was one of my foster pups! I am so glad you are enjoying her. She was so much fun to foster and deserves a great home. give her a big hug from her foster mom and dad. tell her that all of her foster brothers and sisters miss her but wish her well