Bella adjusted to her new home immediately. She and Diva are best buddies. Diva gives her a facial (washes her face) every day as they lounge on the bed. Her paw is doing well. She is actually running on it as she and Diva race around the yard, however, when she wants a little more attention she comes limping over to me. I guess she thinks I don’t see her running on all four. The two of them doggie wrestle all the time. Every night Bella looks forward to one on one with me on the kitchen floor. She gets her special pet and a leg massage on her bad leg. She is such a well behaved spoiled little girl. The one thing I wonder about her is if she has any vocal cords. I have never heard her bark. She makes no noise. If Bella comes in the house before Diva, Bella comes to me and jumps up to let me know that Diva is at the door waiting to come in. I think they have really bonded.

I am a very luck person to have Bella in my life.

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  • Barbara

    I am Bella’s foster mom and so far she has been the hardest for me to let go. She is truely a special dog. It is wonderful to know she is where she is loved and appreciated.
    yes, she can bark. apparently she has nothing to fuss about up there. that is a good thing i suppose.
    thanks for loving her so much.

    barbara lane Lexington TN