Bear aka Dale

Bear is getting bigger and got his second clear on his stools this past Thursday, so we are now able to take him for a walk around the block and he loved it. We still have to be careful that he doesn’t come in contact with any dogs or puppies that do not have their up to date shots. He weighs 29 pounds and he is so cute. He has his moments when he can be a little bugger, but on the whole he is a great dog. He sleeps with us and he goes all night and has for quite some time without having to go out to the bathroom. I left him today for 6 hours and he never made any mistakes. We spoil him of course because we just love him. He plays with his pal Smokey, our cat( I sent you picture of him too). Brad has gone away for a week on a golf trip and he is already out of sorts because he isn’t here. But Erica and I will take good care of him. He is smart he knows his toys names, so when you tell him to get his tiger or his monkey he goes and gets it. He hides his little treats so you can’t find them. I found out yesterday he is really scared of loud noises, like big dogs barking, motorcycles and someone in the neighborhood was practice shooting with a beebee gun and he heard it and was scared, he came running, I had the windows open because it was so nice out. Guess we are going to have some snow, sleet and freezing rain tomorrow, I hope they are wrong. I am so ready for spring. Oh yes, Brad has taught him to sit pretty, so he sits and then he puts both paws up, it is so cute. When he is outside and he picks something up in his mouth, if you tell him to drop it, he does. He prances around outside carrying big sticks, it is hysterical. He loves laying in the sun wether it is outside or inside.
Erica and I went away to Florida the week after he came home from the Emergency Hospital and we didn’t know how Brad was going to deal with Bear, but he did good. He didn’t get much sleep with working nights and all, but he did a good job with him and he loves him so much. Bear gets a lot of love. He greets me at the door every night when I get home and if I don’t play with him for a few minutes he gets upset with me. Brad doesn’t even sleep all day cause he has to spend time with Bear he said and then when I come home he goes back to bed until he goes to work. He is so funny. The girls just love him. Erica spends a lot of time with him during the day as she is home all day as she works weekends right now waitressing. But she may be moving out in a couple of months so Bear will really miss her. He loves our neighbors next door they usually babysit our animals when we go on vacation. They will bring him right in their home and their cat likes him too.
Thanks for everything. I will keep you posted on Bear and send you updated photos.
Karen Stevens