Zoe aka AJ

Just letting you both know that AJ (Zoe) is doing wonderful she is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She is full of kisses and cuddles. She has a favorite blankie that she loves and as long as she is on it she is happy. She had no problem going pee and poop, and is eating and drinking well.

We took her to our town’s doggie park and boy did she love it, she ran around for over an hour (had all the dog’s chasing her ) and then came home and slept all day and most of the night.

She is great with the boys and they are all fighting who is going to sleep with her.

We crated her today so we could go to work I came home at noon to walk her and there was no accidents and she went outside great .

Thank you so much she is wonderful.. J

Dawn Smith and Kevin Wind