Roxanne aka Roxy aka Dixie

Dixie is now Roxanne – Roxy for short. It is great watching the dynamics develop between Katie and Roxy. This morning they were lying together on Katie’s bed and Katie was washing Roxy’s face and ears. The first few days Katie was a little jealous, but so happy to have a playmate that she got over it quickly. They play hard together and then crash, then do it again, all day if I let them. (Katie no longer tries to herd the cats all day because she is too busy having fun.) Sometimes I have to separate them so Roxy can get in a nap! I also have to separate them to work on Roxy learning basic commands. She is a sweetheart. I love her to pieces! She loves the boys – and everybody else – and gives them the love they weren’t getting from Katie. And Katie is learning from her that the boys are okay too! She is not too good in the house training department. I wisk her outside every two hours at least, and whenever she wakes up from a nap, and she always pee’s right away, but she poops very randomly. Sometimes right after being outside for a long time. Oh well, it will come. Anyways, I’m really happy we have Roxy in our lives – she has added a kind of balance to things. So, thanks and good luck with eberthing!

Anita, Warren, Ray, Mike, Janet (kids), Aggie, George (cats), Katie and Roxanne