We have had Queenie for a week now. She is doing great. There is still a little jealousy sometimes between her and Josie when it comes to affection. Both of them love to be cuddled and constantly need attention. They are getting along great though. They get their daily exercise whether it be running in the yard together or going for walks. It was so funny to see them playing in the snow. They loved it. Queenie still needs a little more training regarding getting up on our bed at night. They both have their own beds on each side of our bed. The first night was exhausting. Queenie get jumping up on the bed. My Fiance’ needed to lay down with her in her bed until she fell asleep. It worked well because now she goes right in her bed at night. As soon as he gets up in the morning, bam, she’s in the bed with me which is ok because I consider her my alarm clock now. Other than that she is adjusting well. We can’t tell you how happy the girls have made us. It’s exhausting sometimes but its well worth it. Plus it’s good training for us when and if we ever decide to have children. I’ve enclose a couple of pictures. Thank you Petmatchmaker for making it possible for us to adopt Queenie and Thank You Cyndi for taking such good
care of Queenie!

Dina Chella