Norton aka Friday

Just wanted to let you know how well Friday (our Norton) is doing. He has grown to a 70 pound big boy! Hard to believe he was such a little guy (with giant ears) when we went to get him from you all in September. He is the best dog we could ask for – we get compliments all the time on what a wonderful dog he is. Such great temperment – and he is such a clown! He was such a mellow puppy, but boy has his spark turned on the last month or so – he is doing all those puppy things that I thought he just wasn’t ever going to get around to doing. Let’s put it this way, I need to go shoe shopping πŸ™‚ And just when I thought I didn’t need to – the house is puppy proofed again – I guess he was a late bloomer!

But he is charming just the same! We had some friends over for the weekend last month – the wife was originally not a dog lover – didn’t dislike them, but not a lover – Mr.Norton, however, has won her over with his cuddling – got right into the guest bed with them and cuddled in the morning! She is now so smitten they are doggie-sitting while we are in Florida in April. Once they buy a house and get settled, we will send them your way – they would be the best dog owners!
Keep up all your good work at your rescue – you have certainly enriched our lives!
I can’t imagine what we did before Norton – he and Ralphie are the center of our family!
All the best!
Kathy and George
P.S. last October you sent us an e-mail about being foster parents to puppies who are still looking for a home. We are considering this for the summer – I teach and have much of the summer off. I want to think about it for a bit – my fear is that I would get too attached. But if there is a need this summer, keep us in mind – I really want to be of help to the dogs in your rescue that just need a temporary placement until their real one comes available. Also: if you have any info on fostering, etc. please send it our way so I can do a little research. Meanwhile – I’ll try to get over my attachement thing so I can help your cause πŸ™‚
Thanks – Kathy