Mahkayla is beautiful. I am including a few ‘new’ photos of her below. We recently picked up some kittens and their mother off of the street. We got them cleaned up and adopted. Mahkayla was absolutely nuts for one of the boys (which we named Michael)…so much so that we almost kept him. However, as we already have a full house, we felt it would be wrong to the guys to bring on another family member.

The first two photographs are of Mahkayla and Michael. The last photo is a shot that I took of her while hiking in Inwood Hill Park. Chanthee and I like to hike with her – and get some of that energy out. The nice thing about the Daylight Savings is that we have now gone out three days in a row up into the Hills. You would never guess you are in Manhattan…now if only the ground would harden up. 🙂

Take care,