Dixie aka Lupie

Just want you to know that Lupie is doing great! We couldn’t be happier. She is a little SWEETY. And boy, is she ever cute. We renamed her Dixie and she responds really well to her new name. She is playing constantly with Mojo, and has a whole host of toys and bones to chew. Now that she’s feeling safe and happy, she’s all wags and smiles, and has no more fear of the hallway or stairs. She won’t go in the bathroom yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until she works up the courage for that. She and Mojo have a favorite game. Its called “I take the bone, then you take the bone, and I’ll bark and whine at you while you have the bone.” It’s too funny. She does the majority of the bone taking while Mojo lets her take it and then barks and barks. Jim calls them “Southern Belle” and “Dumbell.” They’re inseparable at this point. Here are a couple pics for you.
Jim is totally in love with his new little girl and is constantly on the floor talking baby talk to her. Big tough guy. 🙂 She just thinks the world of Jim and is constantly kissing him. Sunday I walked the two of them on a 2-dog leash, and a neighbor stopped to say that she couldn’t believe it was her first day here, because she was walking so well w/ Mojo. So far she is very easy to take care of, and the expressions on her little face are just so precious and entertaining. I’m constantly shaking my head and laughing. Then hugging her after she starts wiggling and wagging. Then Mojo wants to be hugged and I become a sandwiched between two kissy dogs. Life is good.
My name is Dixie, although you know me as Lupie. I like my new name, because my new mom nicknamed me Dixie Chic, and that’s way cool. I came to live with my new mom & dad March 3rd. It was a very long trip from Mississippi. I was a little scared and confused, and missed Momma Kim, my rescuer, but was a good girl anyway. I behave nicely because that’s the kinda girl I am. 🙂 When I got to my new home in Portsmouth, I met my new brother. He’s a shepherd mix named Mojo. Boy, is he FUN. He likes to play with me and is very gentle, even though he’s a lot bigger than me. He told me he was lonely during the day before I came along, and now he’s as happy as I am. We are inseparable! Our favorite game is steal the bone. Bone tug of war and nip the ankles are a lot of fun, too. Mom & Dad laugh at us a lot, so we’re all having fun. They have these rules, though, which I’m not used to. For some reason, Mojo & I have to “sit and stay” while Mom is fixing our yummy breakfast. That’s hard to do! I also don’t get this “lie down” thing during their dinner. What’s the point? There are so many other things to do besides that! (Like sit by the table and look pathetic so they’ll give me food. It doesn’t work, though). I finally learned what “In your bed” means, and its not in Mom & Dad’s bed. Its so big & comfy, though, so I sneak up there when they’re at work. Shhh – please don’t tell them! I also like to look at the world passing by through the big picture window in the living room. I’m kinda short, so I have to get on the couch to do that. That’s against the rules, too. 🙁 I don’t tell them I do it, but they are very smart. I have to remember not to knock the sofa pillows on the floor and leave tell-tale nose prints all over the window. Maybe then I can keep it a secret. Mojo seems to know all these rules. He’s very smart, so maybe he can teach me the ropes. Otherwise, Mom & Dad are a lot of fun. They give us LOTS of hugs and kisses, and praise when we do things they like. I like that. We go on nice walks together, and the neighbors are very impressed that I walk and behave so calmly. I’m feeling very good healthwise, because of your help curing me of heartworms. That was difficult to go through, but thanks to you, I’m running and playing again. Alyssa, I heard that instead of birthday gifts, you asked for donations for my heartworm treatment, and Kristen, I understand you matched it. You are really super people, and changed my life for the better. The world is a better place with you in it, and I wish there were more people in the world like you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
I’m sending you a couple of pictures of Mojo and me. (Mom & Dad take too many pictures of us, but we’re so photogenic, how can we deny them?)
Thanks again for all your help!
Wiggles, Wags, & Kisses,
Translated by Momma Kathy and Daddy Jim

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  • Carolyn

    I hear a lot about my new granddog, Dixie. I am looking forward to meeting her next month. I am not sure how her Uncle “Ranger” will feel about it because he’s convinced he’s the only dog on the planet.