We picked Denny up last night and he has been so good right from the get-go. The car ride home was pretty funny because he was so excited. Heather had to drive and I sat in the back with him. Walking him was even more commical. You’re right, he is strong. I got quit a work out walking him
around a few times. We did make the mistake of giving him water too late at night and by the time we woke up and got him outside it was too late. He never barked so we didn’t pick up on what he was trying to tell us. I think
we are good now though. Is there a certain way that he would let you know he has to go to the bathroom?

We also bought one of those “Gentle Leaders” based on Joanne’s recommendation and it had a major impact on the walk we took at lunch. At first he pulled a lot but by the end of the walk Heather had him walking by her side. I think with a few weeks of training with the leader he should be fine to walk with. We took a couple of pictures but I need to find the cable to connect the camera. Again thanks for all your help; Heather and I are very happy!


PS, the cats are a liitle upset with us. Last night one of our cats named Bruno, was doing his best Rocky impression against the slidder door when Denny was looking at him. They’re slowly calming down but it is going to
take a little while for them to adjust.