Chloe aka Duchess

Chloe is doing really well, she fits in great with our family. She is 8 months old now, and is allready 68 pounds!! Very tall and leggy, looks just like a black lab except for her little tail that curls over her back. She was very easy to crate train and was housebroken totally in about 2 months after we got her. Our only issue with her was that at about 6 months she started to develop some stranger anxiety. We had some episodes of growling at strangers, and at the vet. So we started classes with her at the canine academy, part of the Monadnock Humane Society. She has just finished a good manners class and is going to start the “growly dog class”, allthough just being around other people and dogs in her good manners class has made a huge difference. No more growling so far!! She would just LOVE to be friends with our cat, but the cat has decided that she will never love Chloe and tries to avoid her, but they do fine. She doesn’t have the typical lab puppy hyperness, we take a 4 mile walk every morning, even in the recent below zero weather, she was waiting for her walk!! Other than that she prefers to be in the house with the kids, plunked down on the floor. I just wanted to give you an update. Thanks!!

Lisa, Mark, Randi, Lacy and Ryanne Champney