Update 4/17/07

I just wanted to tell you that Lana is doing wonderful!!!
Her and my pom mini are the best of friends now! I wanted to send you the most current picture of her. My daughter took this one, and Lana looks like a supermodel. She is such a ham for the camera! I hope everything is well!



Update 3/1/07
Lana is getting a little bigger now! She has had many play dates here in the office. I attached a picture of one of her new friends, Daisy. She is our nurses Westie. They are having a ball together! Thanks again for everything and I
hope you enjoy the pictures!


Lana is a DREAM dog!!!!!! We didn’t get her home until about 3:45 after stopping at PetCo and Target (which we got thrown out of for bringing the dog into) because we had to get all her supplies, i.e. corral, bed,toys, food, dishes, etc. She adjusted to the house great! Knows exactly what to do outside, and quickly! She also knows what the paper is for. I set up her corral exactly as you had it at your home. She loves Mini and Mini is adjusting well (except for peeing right in front of me in the kitchen (new place) this morning. She slept all night. Went to bed at 10:00 PM. up at 6:00AM. We all are going to adjust fine, well maybe not Bitsy, she has been hiding in the basement since yesterday. I will keep you updated with
pictures as well.


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  • Paula White

    Hi, Cynthia. I adopted Lana’s mom, Lucy. I live in RI. She is awesome! There are pics of her on her profile here. I would love to keep tabs on how Lana is doing with updated pics and I can send you pics of Lucy, as well. If she is anything like Lucy, you are a very happy mom.