Bess aka Cassie

All is well here. Bess is a happy dog and remarkably calm and always trying to please. The children love her and the feeling is mutual as she always has lots going on around her. We have crate trained her and she is feeling very secure in her surroundings. We installed invisible fence so she has 7 acres of freedom to roam and loves to take herself off wandering in the snow. We, as a family have enjoyed being forced to get out and go for walks with her. We are starting obedience classes this Friday and I think that she will respond quickly. My 9 year old son, Oliver is keen to take her to agility classes this summer which should wear them both out. We will continue to give you updates as she grows. Right now, her legs are too long for her body so she looks a little lanky. What are you considering their birth date? I am bringing Bess to the vet tonight to get her kennel cough treatment which is required for obedience training. Thanks for checking in with us – it has been a great success all round.